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Pioneer High Yield Looks Attractive At A 7% Discount

Pioneer High Income Trust (NYSE: PHT) is a leveraged closed-end bond fund that seeks a high level of current income along with the potential for capital appreciation. The fund invests in a portfolio of below investment-grade bonds and convertible securities. A few months ago, I wrote an article about Pioneer Diversified High Income Trust (NYSEMKT:HNW) which is also run by Pioneer with the same lead portfolio manager, Andrew Feltus. PHT and HNW have some similarities, but PHT is more like a... Read more

Royal Bank Of Canada Dividend Stock Analysis 2017

Royal Bank of Canada (NYSE: RY) is the largest of the Canadian banks by market cap. The company provides a diversified array of financial services operating via five segments: Personal & Commercial Banking, Wealth Management, Insurance, Investor & Treasury Services, and Capital Markets. Royal Bank was founded in 1864 and is headquartered in Toronto, Canada. Note: All numbers in this article are in Canadian dollars (CAD$) unless otherwise noted. A Closer Look Royal Bank is... Read more

BP's Long-Term Outlook Is Solid - Dividend Should Be Safe For Years

Source: Stock Photo One way I look at energy companies like BP (NYSE: BP) is to consider how they would do if the price of oil wasn't artificially being propped up by the OPEC production cut deal, which has pushed prices up to a range of $50 to $55 per barrel. The major reason for that is I don't see the deal being able to sustainably maintain that price range over the next several months, because of how much oil is coming to the market from non-participants in the deal, and... Read more

Gjensidige Offers A Sustainable 5% Yield

Gjensidige (OTCPK: GJNSY) is one of the leading insurance companies in the Scandinavian insurance markets. It has a strong position in its domestic market of Norway and some growth prospects abroad, where its operations are smaller. These markets are very concentrated, leading to above-average industry profitability which is sustainable in the long-term. Taking into account this backdrop, Gjensidige has a strong business and financial profile enabling it to offer an attractive dividend yield of... Read more

Analysts Tag Stein Mart Top 'Safe' Sector Leader Dividend Dog For February

The Dividend Dogs Rule The "dog" moniker was earned by stocks exhibiting three traits: (1) paying reliable, repeating dividends, (2) their prices fell to where (3) yield (dividend/price) grew higher than their peers. Thus, the highest yielding stocks in any collection became known as "dogs." More precisely, these are, in fact, "underdogs". In other words, the higher the yield, the lower the dog. These 85 "Safe" Dividend Dogs Were Ranked By Yield... Read more

Banco Itau Results And Dividend Confirm Stock Is A Good Long-Term Play

Banco Itau (NYSE: ITUB) saw further stock gains after announcing its Q4 2016 results and confirming its dividend. Brazil's largest bank remains a good way to play the South American market for those who believe in a regional recovery. The region, of course, has its inherent risks but in this case, the risk is somewhat mitigated by a reliable long-term dividend story. Results The market reacted favorably to Itau's results. Full financial details can be read here. Virtually,... Read more

Does Coca Cola's Yield Make Up For Deteriorating Fundamentals?

It's always a good day when one of the companies that you own increases its dividend. On Thursday, Coca-Cola (NYSE: KO) announced a 5.7% dividend increase. KO has experienced weakness of late and is down 12.5% from its 52 week high (and just 3.3% off of the 52 week low), even after rising nearly 2% on the news of the dividend increase. I remember a time several years back when the mantra within the DGI community was that a 3% yielding KO was a buy. I used this yield target myself, a... Read more

MFA Financial, Inc.: High Yield Dividend Investors Should Consider This mREIT Stalwart

Long-term investors of MFA Financial, Inc. (NYSE: MFA) have been treated very well by this Mortgage REIT, yet there has only been three articles written about them on Seeking Alpha in the last fourteen months. I would like to bring a little more visibility to their outstanding track record and excellent leadership. About MFA Financial, Inc. is a self-advised real estate investment trust primarily engaged in the business of investing, on a leveraged basis, in residential... Read more

MORL Still Attractive With 21.6% Dividend Yield, However, Uncertainty Is Increasing

For the one-year period ending February 17, 2017, the UBS ETRACS Monthly Pay 2X Leveraged Mortgage REIT ETN (NYSEARCA: MORL) has returned 76.4% based on a purchase February 17, 2016, at the closing price of $10.99, the February 17, 2017, price of $16.27, and the 12 monthly dividends of $3.1152. This does not include any reinvestment of dividends or any gains or losses on reinvestment of dividends. We are more interested in the outlook for future returns than MORL's prior year-over-year... Read more

Cubic Corporation Announces Semiannual Dividend

Cubic Corporation (NYSE: CUB) today announced that its Board of Directors approved a regular semiannual dividend of $0.135 cents per share, payable on March 14, 2017, to shareholders of record on March 3, 2017. Cubic has consistently paid cash dividends to its shareholders since 1971.... Read more

A Value Trap Or An Opportunity For Dividend Growth Investors?

Nothing sends investors running for the hills (and lawyers) quite like being served by your country's largest securities regulator. Such was the case this week for Home Capital Group (OTC:HMCBF) (TSE: HCG), which late last week was served by the Ontario Securities Commission ("OSC") relating to the Company's disclosure in 2014 and 2015 regarding the impact of falsified loans and the subsequent remedial steps taken by Home Capital Group. The OSC has reached the... Read more

Be Careful, These Dividend Investing Mistakes Could Kill Your Retirement Plan

As one approaches retirement, the idea of receiving monthly cheques from one's portfolio to support their lifestyle becomes quite appealing. Many investors decide to build a dividend-focused portfolio with the idea of living off dividend payments. This is a strategy being used abroad and its efficiency has been proven many times. For example, I know you probably have seen such a graph in the past explaining how dividend growers beat the market: Source: Ned Davis Research... Read more

Unlocking The Power Of REIT Dividends, Boom!

Last week President Donald J. Trump visited my home state of South Carolina to deliver a speech at the Boeing plant in North Charleston, South Carolina. I was not able to attend the event (I was in NYC), but I read over the speech this weekend (view it HERE). President Trump said, As your President, I am going to do everything I can to unleash the power of the American spirit and to put our great people back to work. This is our mantra: Buy American and Hire American. Then the... Read more

Introducing My New High Yield RIC Portfolio

Introducing My New High Yield RIC Portfolio Throughout my journey as an investor, starting in 2014 (I was a forex trader previously for many years), I have struggled between 2 types of portfolio: High yield as displayed by FrankEllis, High Yield Investor, Rida Morwa, Stanford Chemist, The Fortune Teller, Left Banker, WmHilger1 and Darren McCammon. Dividend growth as displayed by Chuck Carnevale, RoseNose, Dale Roberts, Eric Landis, Nicholas Ward, Mike Nadel, Chowder and... Read more

Excellent Dividend Growers At A Reasonable Price

A very, very famous investor once said that he liked to buy excellent businesses at 'reasonable prices.' I like to think that I am of the same mindset. A strategy of mine is to look for such businesses with real competitive advantages, but ones that are dividend payers and dividend growers. My watch list now includes a couple hundred stocks, all of which are dividend payers. Today I'd like to share a small list of those which I believe retail income investors can buy 'off... Read more

The Dividend Growth Portfolio To Grow Old With - Update III: Is It Time To Stock Up On Cash?

It is time for another update to "The Dividend Portfolio To Grow Old With." Dividends are coming in and while small at the moment, I know that they will grow in time. This update includes a look at transactions made since the last update, and a recap of any dividend raises. I will also detail my view of the current investing landscape, and why I believe now is a good time to build up some cash. For those that are new to this series - welcome! My initial portfolio post, and most recent... Read more

22 Dividend Increases: February 13-17, 2017

Monitoring dividend increases for stocks on my watch is one way to identify candidates for further analysis. Companies that regularly raise their dividend payments show confidence in future earnings growth potential. Recently, 22 companies on my watch list announced dividend increases, including 3 of the stocks I hold in my portfolio. The table below presents a summary of these increases. The table is sorted by percentage increase, %Incr. Dividends are annualized and in US$, unless... Read more

One 20% Dividend Increase Expected Among 8 Announcements In 2nd Half Of February

My regular followers know that I track the dividend increases of a variety of long-term dividend growth companies. I usually publish my predictions monthly. However, because there were so many companies that I expected to announce increases, I decided to break up the February article into two parts, covering 16 companies in the first half of February and 12 in the second half. Three of these companies haven't announced their increases yet, and of the remaining 13 companies, I accurately... Read more

Better High-Yield REIT: W.P. Carey Or Realty Income?

Published February 18th, 2017 by Bob Ciura Many income investors hold real estate investment trusts, or REITs, in high regard. There is a good reason for this, because REITs are excellent sources of income. REITs typically provide dividend yields around twice as high as the S&P 500 Index - and even more in some cases. W.P. Carey (NYSE: WPC) and Realty Income (NYSE: O) are two high-quality REITs. Both are Dividend Achievers, a group of 272 stocks with 10+ years of consecutive... Read more

Fredrik Follower Favorite Safe Dividend Dogs For February

Followers Submitted Tickers January to February invitations at the bottom of my Seeking Alpha articles requested an e-mail address, favorite dividend stock, and favorite team. In exchange for this information, I replied with a summary of reports describing my best performing dogs of the week (DOTW) in now two portfolios. My full complement of 52 ace DOTWs in DOTW I revealed 12 top monthly dogs, 4 top quarterly winners, dog of the year and a runner-up honored in an on-line celebration back... Read more