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Option #1 (Specific country, exchange or index)

It is very helpful to us if you link to a page with a specific country, exchange or index rather than simply linking to the homepage.
Here are a few popular choices (the image of the flag is just to help you choose):

Canadian dividends Canadian dividends

<br><a href="" title="Canadian dividends">Canadian dividends</a><br>

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DAX 30 Dividende DAX 30 Dividende

<br><a href="" title="DAX 30 Dividende">DAX 30 Dividende</a><br>

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FTSE dividend FTSE dividend

<br><a href="" title="FTSE dividend">FTSE dividend</a><br>

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High dividend stocks Singapore High dividend stocks Singapore

<br><a href="" title="High dividend stocks Singapore">High dividend stocks Singapore</a><br>

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Option #2 (TopYields homepage)

High dividend stocks

<br><a href="" title="High dividend stocks">High dividend stocks</a><br>

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