Dividend Stocks in North- and South America

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Compare the highest dividend yielding stocks in North- and South America by dividend yield, payout ratio, P/E, earnings per share (EPS) and dividend per share (DPS).

Beware of stocks with an extremely high dividend yield! This can be caused by a stock price that is extremely low, compared to the trailing twelve months (ttm) dividend. Or it can be caused by a special, one-time only super dividend.

Stock name Dividend Yield
Syntel -0.240 24.56
Air Industries Group 0.060 24.19
Ev Energy Partners 1.990 23.90
Bp Prudhoe Bay Royalty Trust 2.720 22.19
Oxford Lane Capital 21.82
Christopher & Banks 21.82
Emerge Energy Services Lp 4.000 21.53
Destination Maternity 1.520 20.73
Petroleo Brasileiro 2.400 20.39
Sandridge Mississippian Trust Ii 0.930 19.71
Voc Energy Trust 0.910 19.09
Cornerstone Total Return Fund 18.63
Sandridge Mississippian Trust I -0.330 18.59
Wheeler Reit -0.100 18.24
Sandridge Permian Trust -0.150 17.63
Arlington Asset Investment 1.100 17.59
Navios Maritime 3.480 17.39
Westmoreland Resource Partners Lp -0.380 17.26
Jc Penney 0.690 17.24
Eca Marcellus Trust I 0.040 17.20
Cornerstone Strategic Value Fund 16.75
Intersections 1.390 16.49
Orchid Island Capital 0.480 16.31
W&t Offshore 2.380 16.26
Mv Oil Trust 0.890 16.18
B Communications -0.500 15.83
Mesabi Trust 0.710 15.83
Mexichem 1.588 15.57
Eagle Capital Growth Fund 15.49
Rait Financial Trust 0.760 15.39
Suburban Propane Partners 0.260 15.18
Chesapeake Granite Wash Trust 0.600 15.17
Mfc Bancorp 0.610 14.72
Suncoke Energy Partners Lp 2.720 14.71
Stonemor Partners L.p. 0.220 14.46
Medley Capital 14.24
Koss 0.010 14.12
Powershares S&p Smallcap Utilities Portfolio 14.06
Denbury Resources 3.180 13.89
Cbl & Associates Properties 0.220 13.78
Kohlberg Capital 1.090 13.68
Alon Usa Partners Lp 0.460 13.65
Mesa Royalty Trust -0.030 13.63
Medley Management 0.140 13.56
Enbridge Energy Management 0.970 13.53
Hi Crush Partners Lp 3.340 13.48
Ag Mortgage Investment Trust 13.30
Enduro Royalty Trust -0.740 13.21
Stone Harbor Emerg Market Fund 13.20
New York Mortgage Trust 1.090 13.09

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